Climate Exchange

Connecting Knowledge and People



Born out of the idea of sharing and learning through diversity, a group of young professionals from the University of East Anglia, all from different countries and backgrounds, with a wide range of expertise and experiences, meet under a common concern: the impacts of climate change. In seeking a space to express and share opinions and knowledge related to the global challenge of climate change, this cadre of postgraduate students founded the “Climate-exchange” platform in February 2014.

Climate change and its impacts represent a complex phenomenon, which affects many aspects of our daily life and has pervasive implications for the development context of forthcoming generations. Each one of the “climate-exchangers” focuses on different topics and explores them via his or her individual scope. Through this diversity, “climate-exchange” aims to provide a wide variety of ideas, thoughts and criticism on climate change-related issues, providing a truly multidisciplinary exchange.

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