Climate Exchange

Connecting Knowledge and People

Guest Authors

As an open blog that wants to encourage exchange of ideas we are happy to accept posts and articles from guest authors. The team of climate exchange is also open to co-author guest contributions, if the field of expertise and interests of the individuals match. Each submitted post will be reviewed and edited by our team.

Submission process for guest authors:

  1. Submission of first draft as a word document to contact[at]
  2. Guest author will receive a feedback with comments from our reviewers
  3. Submission of revised draft, which will get edited
  4. Publication of blog article

List of contributing authors:

  • Andrews, Jessica (UNEP)
  • Koehl, Arnaud (Imperial College London)
  • Kornhuber, Kai (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research)
  • Martyniak, Karolina

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